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Neale Hanvey


Organisations are able to muster the full might of their HR department and legal services to defend the indefensible. Executive colleagues can corral and cover for one another, forever silencing the victim of a non-disclosure agreement and thus locking them in a mental jail in perpetuity, with no recourse to true justice. That is nothing short of abuse, and in my view it should have equal criminal standing with domestic violence. The power that is handed to executives demands great responsibility.


Kevin Hollinrake


"We need to improve how we deal with whistleblowers and legislation around them. We must insist that regulators which already have access to sanctions deal with these issues robustly."

Lord Triesman


 Where people have discovered things that they think are problematic, there must be robust systems in the United Kingdom, to investigate them properly. I also confirm, because it is important, that if the investigation is not thorough, is not carried through, does not lead to a proper inspection,  it must be right for people to draw it to the attention of the public.


Mary Robinson

Chair & Registered Contact

"If we do not confront the failures of the past, we risk repeating them. Whistleblowers give a voice to the survivors of abuse and allow their stories to be heard."

Baroness Kramer


'We need whistleblowers and we need to treasure them, because they are important witnesses to the truth."

Lord Berkley


"Too many people are suffering for doing the right thing. I am championing whistleblowing."

Georgina Halford-Hall

Director of Strategy and Policy

'It is essential that Whistleblowers can trust the systems that protect them if we are to reduce crime, corruption and cover-ups. Working with Parliamentarians is a unique opportunity ensuring that the voice of the Whistleblower remains at the heart of everything."

Phillip Davies


We need focused and specific legislation in place to tackle the issue of the lack of protection surrounding whistleblowers. 

Lord Wills


We are some way away from a situation in which whistleblowers are adequately protected, and we are still further from the creation of a comprehensive culture in public institutions in which whistleblowing is encouraged.

Rosie Cooper


"Whistleblowers need internal support so they can go and not suffer detriment"

Lisa Cameron


Lord Sharkey


Lord Cromwell


"Far from being respected for their bravery, whistleblowers are frequently made unemployable or impoverished, and many are driven into mental illness."


Scott Mann


"Practical and traceable measures should be taken to tackle the issue of poor whistleblower protection in the UK."

Mike Amesbury


"I greatly look forward to supporting this APPG, protection of whistleblowers in our society is paramount."

Chris Law

APPG Member

Rebecca Long Bailey

APPG Member